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As we age, our eyes lose the ability to focus at near. We start by holding our phones further away or by using better lighting but over time reading glasses become needed.

Rather than waiting for cataract surgery, many patients age 40-45 and over choose to correct the problem sooner with Premium Lens Replacement. The procedure is identical to that of cataract surgery, but with the placement of an advanced technology lens that allows for correction of distance and near vision.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Laser Lens Replacement?

Laser Lens Replacement is an excellent procedure for people who are over age 40-45 and are nearsighted or farsighted, people with early cataract formation, and individuals who want to treat the need for reading glasses with a range of vision lens implant. Laser Lens Repalcement is for those who: - Need glasses for distance, near, or both.
- Any patient over age 40-45 who is nearsighted, farsighted, or has astigmatism.
- Want to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses or contact lenses.
- Have early signs of cataract (decreased night vision, difficulty reading, glare).
- Want to treat presbyopia with a multifocal implant.
- Are looking for an alternative to LASIK.

What Type of Lens Replacement Will Give the Best Vision?

Choosing the best intraocular lens is an important and permanent decision. The most commonly used IOLs for laser lens replacement are the Panoptix Lens, Synergy Lens, and Vivity Lens. The expert cataract surgeon at Eye Care Specialists Dr. Mark Heimmel will make a recommendation based on your testing and visual goals to help you make the best choice. NJ’s top recommended lens surgeon knows that every patient is unique and the best IOL for each patient is not the same. Our team at Eye Care Specialists will help guide you and answer all of your questions to help you make the best decision.